Archibald “Archie” Philpotts (b. between 18th February 1897 and 17th February 1898[1] - d. 5 February, 1917) was Beryl Patmore's nephew and Kate Philpotts' son.

He served as Private Philpotts during the Great War, but was declared "missing presumed dead" sometime before the end of the war. Beryl did not get her hopes up, and certainly thought him dead, but she asked Robert Crawley if he could ask about him at the War Office. The Earl found out that the boy had been shot for cowardice at the front.

Mrs Patmore later learned from her sister that their town was constructing their own memorial but Archie's name would not be included - because he deserted and was shot for cowardice, he was found unworthy by the committee.



Beryl Patmore: "I lost my nephew, my sister's boy. H — he was shot… for cowardice. That's what they said. But I knew him, and he'd never have done such a thing if he hadn't've been half out of his mind with fear."
Henry Lang: "Don't blame him. It was him, but it could've been me. It could have been any of us."
Beryl Patmore and Henry Lang talk about the War.[src]
  1. The memorial says that Archie was "19" at death. 20 years before his death on 5th February 1917 is 1897, so he is born after that date - the earliest date being 18th February - but 19 years before 17th February 1917 is 1898, making that the latest date he could have been born.