Mr James Crawley (d. 15 April, 1912) was Robert Crawley's first cousin and the original heir to the Earldom and family fortune, but he perished in the sinking of the RMS Titanic[1] along with his only son, Patrick. The family has a memorial for him and his son in London and then in Downton. His aunt Violet Crawley was not fond of him, finding him too similar to his mother with whom she also had negative relationship.

James's body was recovered from the sea and he was buried in Canada[2].

Violet: "I'm very sorry about poor Patrick, of course. He was a nice boy."
Cora: "We were all so fond of him."
Violet: "But I never cared for James. He was too like his mother and a nastier woman never drew breath."
— Violet telling Cora about her grief.[src]
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  2. Downton Abbey Series 1 Official Script: Page 29. A discussion between Murray and Robert occurs.
    • Murray: "It was right to bury Mr Crawley in Canada. In fact I hear the Canadians are making quite a thing of the Titanic cemetery."
    • Robert: "It seems strange to have buried James without Patrick."
    • Murray: "They may still find some trace of him."
    • Robert: "After three months? I doubt it. No, I'm afraid Patrick was food for the fishes long ago."