Peter Pelham, the 6th Marquess of Hexham, (b. 1886 - d. between July 21st and August 29th, 1925) was the owner of Brancaster Castle, rented by Lord Sinderby in 1924 for the grouse hunt. His second-cousin once-removed and heir, Bertie Pelham, says that he loved to paint and that he was fond of being in the cities.

He had at least one aunt[1] and one female cousin[2].

Sometime between July 21 and August 29, 1925, Lord Hexham dies of maleria in a Moroccan port city known as Tangiers. He died at age 39. His death makes Bertie Pelham the new Marquess of Hexham. His grandfather, presumably the third Marquess of Hexham, is the brother to Bertie's great-grandfather.

Mirada Pelham considered him "unmoral".

Stowell: "They'd rather be taking orders from their own butler."
Lord Sinderby: "But I'd rather be giving them to mine. Lord Hexham didn't think it would be a problem."
2014 Christmas Special
  1. In the 2014 Christmas Special, Robert mentions that, in the 1880s, the Hexhams were trying to "unload a niece", who is presumably Peter's aunt.
  2. Bertie mentions that the arrangement for Peter to marry his cousin, Adela Graham, is "understood" by "both sets of parents".